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Or as finished as they are going to be, I had continued lacing fail and for the sake of my sanity called uncle. More on that, as well as more pictures under the Cut )
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A little while ago I hit up a local beading store that was going out of business for lacing for my Jodhpurs. Since It was 60% off I bought 40 yards. Today I started to space out the yardage.
Back panels 14 yards x 2 + front panels 13 yards X 2 = total 54 yards!

Soooo I need to buy more lacing, anyone interested in splitting a spool with me?
First choice: http://www.cheeptrims.com/store/item.asp?Category=98&SubCategoryID=371&GroupID&SKU=CR-805
Second choice: http://www.cheeptrims.com/store/item.asp?Category&SubCategoryID&GroupID&SKU=CR-818

Or if anyone is interested in the original cording, it would be nice to apply my investment towards the new stuff. Message me if interested!

Pictures!!! )
Aside from the Lacing Failure, the pants are now 100% done and have been graded by my teacher. Today I started the Collars + Sleeves Section, fallowed by jackets. I am so excited for the Napoleon collar!
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I think I have guilted myself out of sewing the Stripe High waisted Pants. I don't know how to really explain this, but it's a combo of several things I have had floating around in my head the past few weeks. The black Pair is completely done, so my School requirement is completely met once I finish the Jodhpurs. The stripy-ness was just for fun, and because I love stripes!

The one kink to this? I already ordered the stripe duck and can't return it. As far as new uses...I have been thinking corded petticoat? I have my romantic corset all cut out, so making a corded petti would come after that. A class I saw advertised online recommended using striped fabric. The finished result would be very Colleen Atwood-esque, and covered by other skirts anyway.
Other possible projects could be a Corset, Bustle, or save the fabric for the Jackets Section of my pattern making course. All of these I have a much less immediate use for than the Quilted petti, which is why they are second in my mind.

Ug, sewing the lining in these pants the other day took forever. It was the height of my sickness and my brain couldn't handle hand-sewing apparently :( On the bright side the Shiny-ness and Stripy-ness of it makes me incredibly amused. I really wish I had more of this fabric (It was a scrap from a dress I made while back) if I had more of it I would use it to line EVERYTHING! It's cotton, and you can't feel the metallic threads at all, that is, they are not scratchy.

And Now I take a deep breath and return to making Flats. The worse Illustrator flaw ever?? Crashing while saving, so you LOSE EVERYTHING!!!
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I have gotten quite a bit done on the Apparel Arts pants! The two pairs has also morphed into *three* pants now, but more about that under the Cut. )
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pants,apparel arts

I'v finally gotten to the section of my pattern drafting course were I get to make two original design pants (I had to draft 10 basic styles first) Yesterday I finished sewing up both of the mock-ups, and today I had a fitting in class. NO MAJOR CHANGES WEEE!!! This is such a releif! So far pants have been giving me a lot of trouble; I had to re-draft my sloper three times :(
Thankfully that all seems to be sorted out now, most of the changes were small and I was able to do them in class. I love that making myself pants counts as homework!

My teacher took some photos while I was in class, but unfortunately she used a flash and they came out a bit...see through :/ I took some new ones in front of the mirror, unfortunately it is a little harder to see the details with the lighting.

Photos )


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