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All the little quilted boxes make my OCD monster very happy. It felt like it took forever, but I am almost 100% done with the quilting. Next up is sewing in the bust gussets, sandwhich the two layers together, adding in the busk, and grommets. I also need to buy some boning. I am in the home stretch at least!

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Quite a lot of progress on my quilted corset! (I'v been sick, so sitting and sewing has been nice and relaxing) The strength layer is all sewn, and the fashion layer is all prepped for quilting. Before I progress anymore though, I have to actually decide how I want to do it...

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Despite being sick I had a really wonderful time down in LA this weekend. I went to the FIDM debut fashion show both nights. On the second night the other scholarship winners and I were presented with little glass star statues by Nick Verreos! I also got to see the Ghetty, and the FIDM Movie Costume Exhibit. I will post some pictures later. My camera died pretty early on, so I need to get some from my friends.

The last day we were lucky to make it out of LA before the storm got too bad. A few hours after we left the friend I was staying with was stranded at her apartment because the street had flooded (2 feet of water!!!) and the power went out for 12 hours. Who builds a city without street drains?!
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So as a little graduation present I decided to Bite the bullet and buy a spoonbusk. I have always really loved them, but they have always seemed unjustifiable cost-wise. Serendipitous to this decision was someone posting a link on corsetmakers for busks for $25!!! With shipping it was still half of what the local stores I found wanted.

I am going to use it for a Victorian corset I mock-uped a while ago, but put aside to work on the 1840's corset. The mock-up had some mixed results, so once I get the mental energy I will start to work on it again.

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Feb. 25th, 2011 12:24 am
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I actually did this a while ago (forgot to post it) but I made some quilting samples with various types of interfacing to see how they looked with the silk satin.
The sketch above is some Ideas I had about how I might actually do the quilting based on the areas I designated. Opinions? Does one or two of them really stick out to you?

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Everything went well at the final fitting last weekend. I am particularly happy with the fit of the bust area. Now All I have left is to sew the motifs on, shorten the straps a little, and hem the skirt and lining.
I think she is going to be the best dressed person at her graduation don't you? :)

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Once I am 100% done I am probably going to mail or pass of the corset to her, so the next pictures I get will probably be from Katlaoesk herself.

After the fitting I kinda dropped off radar because it was midterms and I had a lot of catch-up to do once I stopped feeling so sick. 7 hours of sleep in three days, I think that is my all time record... last night I slept about 12 to make up for it, and now it all feels like it never happened, weird.
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Everything is pretty much ready for the final "fitting" on katlaoesk's corset. She is going to come over sometime soon and I will mark the hem and lace motif placements. The only thing that isn't fully done is the straps and modesty Panel which I am going to work on tonight. (I am really sick of pants...)

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These are adorable!!! And perfect for all those not-often-used decorative machine stitches!
Next year!!!


Also, I have an available copy of the Sweatshirt pattern I made a while ago: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/30617.html
comment or PM me if interested.
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The other day I got around to finishing and trying on the mock-up for my next corset. The pattern is an original combo I got from combining my Regency corset (bottom) and Civil War corset (Top). Silhouette wise this made the most sense historically. Right off the bat The result is better than I had hoped for !!!

1840's corset,corset,mock-up

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Finals week I was kind of on fire as far as being productive. I finished the corset in time to wear it and all of my projects with enough energy left to go celebrate with my friends after class. It was extremely fun!!!

First we Posted for photos for the Discarded to Divine Records/catalog (After the last 6 hour class).
Then we went to the DarkGarden Holiday party and a few of them tried on corsets for the first time.
After that we accidentally crashed a graduation party at a bar; but since all but me in my group had graduated that day they didn't care and even gave us free drinks! There was also a DJ, and we danced for a few hours before going separate ways and I took BART home. The whole time I was wearing my corset (and my back mini tricorn) it passes the compfy test :)

More + Floating Modesty Panel ) Now off to other things! I have pie to eat, a coffee run to make, a corset to work on, and an application to work on.
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A little while ago my friend [livejournal.com profile] katlaoesk approached me about making her a corset and skirt for her graduation. Today I sat down and did all of the drafting and mock-up sewing. I am going to see her over the holidays and we are going to have a fitting. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!!!

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On a side note, I have also been thinking about corsets for myself. I still plan to re-make the 1850's corset (Out of the navy bee silk) but I also want to make a quilted 1830's corset. When I was out shopping the other day with [livejournal.com profile] akikotree I bought some silk duchess at silk moon in SF. It was "on sale" from $67 dollars, but it was still a little pricey. This fabric had haunted me since the last time I was there, so I had to buy some. I think the satin will really set off the quilting. Soooo pretty....

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When I wear this all the boys are going to be looking at my...face... :)

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Just for fun I tried it on over a modern bustle jacket I bought a while ago, the result was not bad considering both garments are anachronistic!
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Civil War Corset:
This is a corset I have had this corset lying around forever. The otherday I realized it was almost done...except for three little bits of flossing. I realized how silly that was so I sat down and did it!

Anyway, in my head this corset has a lot of bag "karma" attached to it, so I have decided to sell it.

I have included under the cut all relevant measurements as well as LOTS of pictures of the finished piece.  )

X-posted to my own Journal, Corsetmakers and Corsetry
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I decided to sell off some of the old fabric and costume stuff I have had for a while, and am fairly sure I am not going to use. Smoke-free, animal-free home etc.

Shipping will be determined by item(s) but I will try and keep it low. Paypal proffered, but I will also consider trades!


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The third and final project in my creative draping class was to make a Boned bodice top of some kind (my teacher used the words corset and bustier interchangeably) with added volume. Another aspect of the project was to pick a couture house that made corsets, and design something in their style. When I worked for Darkgarden corsetry, I was deeply in love with their "Jacob" style (a men's racer-back corset with tails) I decided to use that style as the inspiration for this project.

I was also given permission by my teacher to drape at home on my uniquely you manniquin, instead of the schools size eight's. The end result is something I can actually wear! That doesn't usually happen with my school projects.

drape,tail coat

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This has been a pretty bad week (between midterms and having my computer stolen) so I decided I deserved a good break! Having gotten my sewing machine back, I put my new zipper foot to use and worked on my Civil war and regency corsets.

In an Ironic Side note, my computer got stolen right AFTER I put on the lost Decal. I guess those numbers really are CURSED...


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regency,stays,period costumes for stage and screenregency,stays,period costumes for stage and screen

It felt like forever, but I finally got the outer layer of my regency stays completed!!!
Related post:http://izodiea.livejournal.com/15138.html

Also posted to Corsetmakers:http://community.livejournal.com/corsetmakers/1792423.html

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There are a lot of Regency events in the Bay Area, and I felt it was high time I made myself something to wear to them. I started in on making regency stays quite a while ago, but it's only been recently (Last two months or so) that My final mock-up got fit, and everything Fell into place after getting some sound advice over in the Corsetmakers community:(http://community.livejournal.com/corsetmakers/1764673.html)

The Pattern is from Period Costumes for Stage and Screen 1800-1909 by Jean Hunnisett. It is made from one Layer cotton (lining) one layer linen (Inner layer) and one layer Satin coutil as the fashion fabric. My first two mock-ups were made from duck, and the final (See the link above) from HEAVY artists canvas. Hunnisett's pattern uses plastic boning, I decided to replace this will a decorative cording pattern on the front, back, and gores of the stays. The finished stays will have a wooden busk, and some zip tie reinforcement if needed.

Some Eye Candy:
From: http://www.mfa.org/collections/search_art.asp?recview=true&id=74890&coll_keywords=&coll_accession=&coll_name=&coll_artist=&coll_place=&coll_medium=&coll_culture=&coll_classification=Costumes&coll_credit=&coll_provenance=&coll_location=&coll_has_images=1&co

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I decided to sell off some of the old fabric, patterns and costume stuff I have had for a while, and am fairly sure I am not going to use. Smoke-free, animal-free home etc.

Shipping will be determined by item(s) but I will try and keep it low)


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When simplicity changed the pattern number, some kind person put the corset pattern on ebay as a buy it now auction for $4.50. The difference is that the new pattern includes bloomers, and the chemise has shorter sleeves: http://www.simplicity.com/p-1802-costumes.aspx

I'v actually had this corset cut out and ready to start sewing for about a month...but the Gussets scared me!


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About a year ago I decided to start making an 18th century costume. It's been VERY slow going, and i'v had a few setbacks, but I decided to finally post pictures of the parts I DO have done.

18th century,corset

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