Oct. 14th, 2010 09:18 pm
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army girl dressmad men,GBACG

I have officially Finished the Mad Men and the Army Girl dress. These are the two dress designs I had to make to pass into the next sections of my pattern making course. I tried them on in class, had them approved by my teacher and have gotten my new assignment-pockets leading into pants.

I really wish I wasn't making the "gah I have allergies" face in this pic.

I have more information about the two dresses, and more pictures under the cut. )

Also, the vote for my jacket has reached 39 votes, um, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
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Since I have class tomorrow, today (after I went grocery and fabric shopping) I worked on the Army Girl Dress. I wanted to get it in wearable condition so I could try it on in front of my teacher before I finished it. Along with the MadMen dress that will give me two dresses to try on and (hopefully) finish over the weekend.

Photos of Me Wearing the Dress )
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Yesterday I managed to make it out to Santa Rosa for the 3rd annual Hand Car Regatta. It was VERY not 99 Degrees? But also insanely fun. ( Sadly I did not have my camera with me, So no pictures :( One of my friends was working a booth, and another was actually in the race with his uncle. I think their car was the Cyclone Speeder?

I was good and only bought one thing, the world tiniest hat! It's mounted onto a fancy hairpin.

I'v made a little progress on the Army Girl dress, mainly the massive amount of piping.

I also started working on my dress for the GBACG MadMen Event: I'm using the same pattern as the army girl dress, but with a pencil skirt instead of a flared one. Photos )
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As one of my birthday presents I got this book of Costume Design Illustrations by Ertes. It is of two plays (One late 18th century, the other Mid-Victorian) Done in an Art Nouveau style. They are very pretty!


This White dress was my favorite of the whole book, I am severly tempted to make it...someday!

army girl dress

I also have been working on my second Apparel Arts dress:

The Pattern can be seen above, and the mock-up of the dress can be seen Here )


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