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I had another workshop with Candance Kling though GBACG last Saturday. This time we focused on trims and details made with ribbon (last time was fabric) A lot of the Techniques we used cross over, so they are nice companion classes. These were my two favorite samples:

The colorful one makes me think of an angry sea cucumber :)
I also asked Candace to sign my copy of her book, so now it is extra special!
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GBACG Annual Open House

(Click the Image to go to the Photo Album)

Today I went to the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild Open House and was one of the models in the fashion show in the 18th Century vignette for the Upcoming event "Evening at the Petit Trianon" http://www.gbacg.org/gbacg-calendar.html

It was a lot of fun! Their was good company, drinks (HOLY COW the food was amazing!) and I got a prize at the end of the raffle even though they never called my ticket. I got a Victorian pattern and some stockings I am going to wear next week to the 1950's party a friend is throwing.

This also afforded me an opportunity to get some pictures of my 18th century Polonaise-turned-Anglaise in good natural lighting. I wore my black sash with Painted brooch, and on my head my bird, my hair pad and a few false braided "nests". Ugg, doing my hair this morning was aggravating, it was still wet from the night before, raining and I don't own a blow dryer... I ended up using a hot curling iron quasi-successfully and TONS of hairspray.

I am glad I went today, it was a great de-stress-er from all the portfolio Homework I have right now.
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I didn't actually take my camera with me to this event. The best photos from the event can Be seen in The GBACG Flickr pool: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dancingisland/5123722868/in/pool-gbacg#/photos/dancingisland/5123722868/in/pool-691101@N21/ The photos are not in a designated set, so I linked to the first one.

I wore my madmen dress, some vintage style seamed stockings and "vintage" looking flats. I also managed to briefly get my hair into a pouf-esque creation before the walk in the rain and hour and a half steamy bus ride killed it :(

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A few weekends ago as a Birthday present, my dad payed the fee for me to take a Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild millinery class. The class was focused on two styles of spoon bonnet, 1850-60's. The class was taught by Lynn Taylor. This is the same teacher/ class where I made my 18th C. Berge last year.

I was inspired by this surviving bonnet (from 1840):

So for my fabric I took some black moire I had left over from a coat I abandoned a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...anyway. I managed to mostly finished the frame, and I did all of the mulling. I still have to sew certain parts of the fabric on before I can fully finish connecting the two "halves" of the hat.


More pictures: )
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I did a lot of costumy-goodness events this weekend - GBACG MadMen, Something with my Fashion friend who does burning man clothes, and today A regency fashion show at the Sacramento Library. But in the interest of my grades I am going to have to wait until I do my homework to Upload and edit photos to share. I am also hoping that by then I can link to some other people's albums, and a video!

I also have some photos to share of in progress things - My Entry to the Discarded to Divine competition, a 1850's bonnet from the GBACG workshop, and a Civil War corset I Finally finished!

In other words, I promise pretty pretty costume pictures as soon as my eyes stop burning from all the photo-shop I have to do for my Fashion Design class :(

P.S. Tomorrow the results of the Craftstylish Jacket competition are in...I am anxious in anticipation.
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Yesterday I managed to make it out to Santa Rosa for the 3rd annual Hand Car Regatta. It was VERY not 99 Degrees? But also insanely fun. (http://handcar-regatta.com/) Sadly I did not have my camera with me, So no pictures :( One of my friends was working a booth, and another was actually in the race with his uncle. I think their car was the Cyclone Speeder?

I was good and only bought one thing, the world tiniest hat! It's mounted onto a fancy hairpin.

I'v made a little progress on the Army Girl dress, mainly the massive amount of piping.

I also started working on my dress for the GBACG MadMen Event: http://www.gbacg.org/current/mad-men-cocktails.html I'm using the same pattern as the army girl dress, but with a pencil skirt instead of a flared one. Photos )
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A Cloudy Day in Redwood City, a strange cast of character's gathered to celebrate un-birthdays, croquet and Tea.

My Photos from the Event: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48512843@N04/sets/72157624868919063/

Despite a few disapproving glares from little old lady's (I think it was the Bunny Ears on the bus ) Today was really fun! The weather was overcast (my favorite when I am wearing so many layers) but it did sprinkle once and get rather windy towards the end. The wind made it a tad tricky to be wearing mini wind sails on my head :)

We played games, had caucus races, trivia contests, read Poems and generally monkeyed around. There was good Tea and AMAZING looking homemade cupcakes! Sadly none for me, the gluten intolerance being a problem for the cucumber sandwiches as well.

The event was Technically Victorian themed, but as the white rabbit I made the excuse that I was VERY LATE :)
It was really fun to wear my new dress, and I got a lot of compliments from people. I really love how the skirt swooshes out as I walk (The wind helped) unfortunately though, sometimes the skirt in the front would split open and flash my petticoat. The gathers on the front shoulder are also still wanting to slip down onto my arm, so I need to add a stay-minor fix. It was an altogether first outing success for my Dottie dress! I hope to wear it to an upcoming Evening Regency Dance. Hopefully once I Apply some Quality/period Bling it will work as an impromptu evening dress.

And yes, I am wearing sneakers, for running of course!
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I recently attended a workshop through the Bay Area Costumers Guild with Artist/Author Candace Kling.
The class was really awesome (I want to put ruffled trim on every thing now!) and My mom paid my fee for my birthday !!!

These Are samples I made of the Techniques:

I still have to finish two of them (The pinned on strips of purple/blue silk)
In the background you can see my Still-not-quite-fully-unpacked studio.

The only downside was I kinda hurt my neck from all of the looking down I did. I need to retrain myself to hold my hand sewing up higher. Having vertigo for the last three days has not been fun, thankfully it's finally going away!


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