Jan. 7th, 2011

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Today I finally got my Spoon Flower Swatches in the mail!!!
This is the fabric I designed (based off of an original embroidered 18th century garment) to make a jacket with the prize money I got from winning the Craft Stylish competition: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/27274.html
The Floral border will be placed at the hem of the jacket, with the rest being stripey goodness :)

Now that I have done tests I can officially open my spoon flower store: http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/izodiea
Right now I am only offering one fabric in two colorways (the best of the test swatches) but I have more swatches already coming in the mail. If those work out I will slowly expand to more styles/colors. For example, one of the swatches is of the above design, but done in such a way that when printed on voile it will look like faux white work embroidery.

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On a side note, Spoonflower briefly "forgot" that I had Won the contest (Even after I mailed them all the legal papers they requested I fill out) As an appology they gave me an extra $25 credit. Kinda weird...but better for me in the end I suppose, it covered all the swatches :)
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-Busk Sliding into it's pocket-
It occurs to me now it is absolute insanity to decorate something that gets hidden in a garment, then under another garment; so it will never ever ever be seen in polite society.

Oh well :)

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The other day I got around to finishing and trying on the mock-up for my next corset. The pattern is an original combo I got from combining my Regency corset (bottom) and Civil War corset (Top). Silhouette wise this made the most sense historically. Right off the bat The result is better than I had hoped for !!!

1840's corset,corset,mock-up

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