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izodiea ([personal profile] izodiea) wrote2011-03-25 09:21 pm

Quilting Done!

All the little quilted boxes make my OCD monster very happy. It felt like it took forever, but I am almost 100% done with the quilting. Next up is sewing in the bust gussets, sandwhich the two layers together, adding in the busk, and grommets. I also need to buy some boning. I am in the home stretch at least!

First I stitched the gussets, using my pressure foot as a Guide. I stitched one direction, than the other.

For the body I used by clear ruler (two inches wide) to Mark out my desired grid. I then stitched these from the wrong side.

From there I stitched the rest of the checks from the right side, first one direction than the other. Between each layer I pulled the threads to the back and knotted them. I felt like a crazy person doing it, but it was the best way I could think of not to have any back-stitching on the front side.

The final step was to stitch the 1/8" lines on the decorative spurs front and back. I still have to finish tying off a lot of the threads, but the quilting is all done. YES!