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You Win Some, You Lose some

Bad News- I didn't get a scholarship to Costume College :( Well there is always next year!

Good News- My Discared to Divine outfit made it into the Live Auction and Runway Show!!!
They called and talked it over with me, and it sounds like they want me to be in some sort of runway vignette with the Model before they start walking. Their is going to be a voice over of my inspiration (Which I need to write) And the the Live Auction! I am so nervous, and oddly ecstatic to watch people bid on something I made.

Also, this came up with one of my friends last night; apparently a few people had thought I was getting paid to participate, or that their was a cash prize of some sort. The role of the designers/makers in Discared to Divine is strictly Pro-Bono, all money goes towards The St. Vincent DuPaul Society, and the homeless population Of the SF Bay Area. All the materials I used (With the exception of a zipper and a yard of wool) Were given to me by D2D or Apparel Arts.

This is not to say I don't *feel* paid. I get an official press release/award for D2D for my portfolio stating I won the Jury Award for Best Women's Day Dress. My outfit is going to be displayed at a major museum, and walk down a runway in front of the Who's Who of SF. Their is also still the possibility I will win the People's Choice award (from the preview night, April 15th) and be featured in a news article like some past designers have been.

All of that put together, I think for a budding designer is much better payment than any money could have been.

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