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Stash Sale - Wearables - Costumes

Virtual Stash Sale -Costumes-
Under the cut you will find Corsets, bustle gowns and jackets, and dresses. The price points and Sizes vary so please read the item description carefully.

$30 - Purple bustle gown - In need of a little TLC, mostly due to stains that could be easily covered with new lace. The gown has a lot of detail work, and the train (Detachable) is very sturdy. Poly satin, lined in cotton. Pattern size 14.

$40- LOTR medieval gown- Black Ultrasuede- like fabric with satin and lace. Metallic silver trim. Sleeves gather up and down. Pattern size 12.

Claimed- Xena Costume - Leg avenue brand (size large) Faux leather with appliques and lace-up sides

$200 - Civil War Corset with flossing http://www.etsy.com/listing/60245296/1850s-civil-war-corset-steel-bones?ref=v1_other_2

$85- Betsy Johnson Bustle jacket - Stretch cotton sateen (can be worn over a corset or natural waist)
Size 4. http://compare.ebay.com/like/290543045320?var=lv<yp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&rvr_id=223270005569&crlp=1_263602_309572&UA=M*F%3F&GUID=b2f132291280a02653206bb0ffa7dfc5&itemid=290543045320&ff4=263602_309572

drape,tail coatdrape,tail coatPhotobucket
$60- Tail Coat Bustier with Pockets- Navy Cotton sateen lined in Twill. heavy Zip-tie boning, pack pewter zipper. The cut of the bodice is 18thc inspired, and slightly flat-fronted. Center front length 13" Recommended measurements 36-28-36, short waisted. Comes with extra binding.

If you have any questions please comment below, PM me or E-mail at Spacefaerie64(at)aol.com

I have Multiple entires of things for sale!
Big Cuts:http: /http://izodiea.livejournal.com/43725.html
Medium Cuts: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/43383.html
Scraps: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/43103.html
Books: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/44223.html
Antigues, Notions and Patterns: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/
Kitchen Sink: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/43918.html
Costumes: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/44890.html
Clothes: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/45066.html
Accessories: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/45539.html

When you are done browsing, or If you have any questions please comment below, PM me, or E-mail at Spacefaerie64(at)aol.com
List all of the items you are interested in and I will check they are still available and give you a shipping quote.

If you are local to the SF bay area I am willing to arrange pick-ups (no shipping charge) in exchange for cash.

Preferred payment method is paypal.