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izodiea ([personal profile] izodiea) wrote2011-03-28 01:45 pm
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The great Purge!

So since I am moving to LA for school soon, I really need to downsize my life significantly. I am currently aiming for purging 1/2 of my stuff. I also need to save/earn money because S&#!t cars are expensive!

As soon as I get home I plan to continue sorting through and photographing things to sell.
Right now I have patterns, pelts, fabrics, garments, beads, feathers, lace, costumes, shoes, hats, leather, books, and more. All most everything costume related.

I was also thinking I could offer some services?
1- Custom corsets
2- custom measurements slopers- pants, skirt, body, sleeve, bodice
For people local to the bay area I could fit/measure them myself, or non-locals I could mail off the pattern (Cheaper option) and they could check the fit themselves. I know having my own slopers has been nice, I figure other sewers might love them as well. Priced $50-100 depending on type/delivery.

and now I will go back to calculating interest rates on car loans...SUPER FUN...not.

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