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izodiea ([personal profile] izodiea) wrote2011-03-24 11:02 pm

Jodhpurs Finished!


Or as finished as they are going to be, I had continued lacing fail and for the sake of my sanity called uncle. More on that, as well as more pictures under the


The Fail:

So one thing I didn't think about with the lacing is how it would be have. My inspiration pants (The AQ Pants http://izodiea.livejournal.com/35760.html#cutid1) were fitted, which kept the lacing under tension. On my jodhpurs the lacing was ok until my upper thigh were the pants started to flare out. Without the tension the lacing got messier and messier, gaped and got caught on things :/

I also tried making the lacing tighter as I went, but that just bunched up the fabric under the lacing and made the pants less full. After about 2.5 hours of messing with it I had a crazy person spazzy moment and gave up. I mean, it took me 2 hours to lace one panel, and it looked like ass...why spend 8 hours adding a decorative element that made me angry? The new lacing I got (Won a spool off ebay) was also much thicker than my old cording (both supposedly 1/8") and I don't like it as much

Thankfully the loop trim looks pretty snazzy on it's own. In the future if I remake the pants, I will just make that middle panel a contrasting fabric. I am planning to wear them for the Discared to Divine Pre-view night coming up in April.

Also good news? I am never going to have to buy black lacing for corsets ever, ever again :)