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I have gotten quite a bit done on the Apparel Arts pants! The two pairs has also morphed into *three* pants now, but more about that under the Cut. )
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I have made a little more progress on my pockets. I finished all of the plants, french knots and started on the flowers. This was th first time I have ever made french knots, I find them frustrating...

Yesterday I also got a really strong urge to work on my Striped Linen gown, So I did a lot of the pattern alterations (I am using my polonaise as a base) and cut out everything but the skirt and sleeves. Right now I am really undecided on sleeves, but thankfully I can do that last. A bigger problem, and something I have to decide before I progress is the skirt. I know I want the back to be en fourreau, and the front to lace over a stomacher. I played with a few style options as well as lengths in some sketches under the CUT )

And now I shall get back to homework. I am trying to get all of the drafting done for the Pants section of my Apparel Arts classes over this break. I only have two pairs of pants left out of ten, and each of those is 50% done already. Button flys are weird, as are Culottes.
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I bought some fabric, This fabric to be exact: http://www.denverfabrics.com/catalog_itemdetail.aspx?ItmID=XX897 My justification if that I want to make a washable 18th century gown (I'll use the same pattern as my silk one) Perhaps adding an en farreau back?

Being able to throw my regency gown into the washer (and not have to pay for dry cleaning/ ensuing eco moral dilemma) has made me seriously re-think how often I will make costumes from silk (For myself). Enter the Denver fabric e-mail, a brief period of browsing, and finding a 20% cotton 80% striped Linen for $3.95 in a color I like. Voila!
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I decided to sell off some of the old fabric, patterns and costume stuff I have had for a while, and am fairly sure I am not going to use. Smoke-free, animal-free home etc.

Shipping will be determined by item(s) but I will try and keep it low)


Click here to see the Treasure )


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