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It took me longer than I expected because I couldn't make my mind up about trim, but my bonnet is now officially complete! Just in time too, next weekend I am going to be in a Regency Fashion show for a Jane Austen Reading program at the Sacramento Library. Now since my bonnet is finished I can make the few small tweaks on my dress I have been wanting to do with out worrying about time.

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Now that this bonnet is complete I should probably starting thinking about the 1850's Bonnet I started last weekend in a class, or maybe I should finish those corsets...or just do my homework...:/
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Right now I am leaning towards no ties. It looks more sophisticated and less little Bo Peep? The only downsize is it is not as secure, so I will need to add combs, or horsehair to pin the bonnet onto my head. Or probably I should go get some flesh tone or white eave clips. Opinions? Ideas?

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I started this Regency Bonnet a few days ago, and was hoping to get it to a "wearable" condition in time for the Mad hatter Tea (I was going to mount my ears temporarily to it) Alas that did not happen, and I am kind of glad because I think the little cap was cuter, and less distracting from the ears than the bonnet would have been.

I Have been following this tutorial Here: http://regencysa.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=sundries&action=display&thread=431 And it has been working really well with a few style adjustments! (Make sure you scroll all the way down to get the full tutorial, she does two different hats)

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