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-Busk Sliding into it's pocket-
It occurs to me now it is absolute insanity to decorate something that gets hidden in a garment, then under another garment; so it will never ever ever be seen in polite society.

Oh well :)

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My family does weird things, we also do very traditional things, I think this makes us normal. An example of this is what we did for Thanksgiving. We drove to Mt. Shasta (at night) and slept at a friend of my moms. They had had a feast earlier that evening for about 30 people, and when we showed up they had left food out for us (roast beef, turkey, rice, veggies, pie, wine, bread...) My brother joked it was like the cave trolls trap from Pan's labyrinth...

I had nightmares, was cuddled and made better by the family cat (Who I dubbed Dream kitty) and woke up in the morning to fresh snow. We got back in the car and headed out. I really only got to see the mountain for about 5 minutes as we drove through town. My mom's 1/2 hour long description of the mystical 5th dimensional city of Talos (Hidden in Mt. Shasta) plus a quick stop in a crystal bowl shop for gifts rounded out the general weirdness of the trip. That and I ate coconut milk coffee ice cream for breakfast before we headed to my aunts house and had the picturesque thanksgiving straight out of a magazine.

I didn't get to work on the pockets as much as I would have liked, but I did get the wood-burning on the busk about 80% completed!

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On Sunday I was A model in a Regency Fashion show- part of the twelve month "How Austentatious!" reading and lecture program at the Sacramento library. The Head organizer is of the program is Stephenee Borelli and the fashion lecture and the show were organized by Shelley Monson.

To Watch the Fashion show, Hear the lectures, and learn more about the program go to the Library's page"http://www.saclibrary.org/?pageId=1254 They are planning on having an Austen themed Tea in the same hall in the near future. I am not really sure how quickly they will have the fashion show up, but hopefully soon!

To see all the pictures I took go Here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48512843@N04/sets/72157625243689594/

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This was the first time I got to wear my bonnet, and it stayed on perfectly!! Ironically, the entire time I was making it it did not want to! I did not even end up using the fancy hat pin I bought...

It was really fun to be in the fashion show, and I enjoyed answering people's questions. I had gotten used to being around other people in costumes- while in costume- it was refreshing to be asked things that usually don't come up in conversation among costumers. You know what I mean? Everyone was very curious!

Afterwords I went with my carpool to get some food, hhhmmmm BBQ is GOOD after a day of corsets and light snacks!

Also, Now I REALLY want a riding habit.
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A little while ago I approached my friend [livejournal.com profile] akikotree about helping me with a project I had in mind- to transform my plain store bought busk for my regency stays into a one of a kind art-piece.
Yesturday when I met up with her at The SF Alternative Press Expo (APE) she surprised me with this:


I spent a little bit think about which one I liked best and decided to go with the Roses and Thorns, it felt the most traditional of the three, while still having a modern flair.
Now I have a plan for getting the drawing onto my busk, and it is a good plan! MWAHAHAHAAA!!!

...any way, more pictures and examples of historical decorated busks under the cut. )

I also wore my Army Girl Dress to APE, I felt a tad Lolita. The "headband" I am wearing is actually a bow tie. I got that Idea from a girl I met on a bus, few days later my mom asked me if I wanted her old bow tie...Um YES?

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It took me longer than I expected because I couldn't make my mind up about trim, but my bonnet is now officially complete! Just in time too, next weekend I am going to be in a Regency Fashion show for a Jane Austen Reading program at the Sacramento Library. Now since my bonnet is finished I can make the few small tweaks on my dress I have been wanting to do with out worrying about time.

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Now that this bonnet is complete I should probably starting thinking about the 1850's Bonnet I started last weekend in a class, or maybe I should finish those corsets...or just do my homework...:/
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Right now I am leaning towards no ties. It looks more sophisticated and less little Bo Peep? The only downsize is it is not as secure, so I will need to add combs, or horsehair to pin the bonnet onto my head. Or probably I should go get some flesh tone or white eave clips. Opinions? Ideas?

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I started this Regency Bonnet a few days ago, and was hoping to get it to a "wearable" condition in time for the Mad hatter Tea (I was going to mount my ears temporarily to it) Alas that did not happen, and I am kind of glad because I think the little cap was cuter, and less distracting from the ears than the bonnet would have been.

I Have been following this tutorial Here: http://regencysa.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=sundries&action=display&thread=431 And it has been working really well with a few style adjustments! (Make sure you scroll all the way down to get the full tutorial, she does two different hats)

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95% DONE

Sep. 2nd, 2010 08:38 am
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Last Thursday I had my final fitting/dress try on with Suzie at Apparel Arts.

BEHOLD the almost completeness!

regency,swiss dot gown,cut of womens clothes

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Before the Hamburglar struck I finally got to working on my regency petticoat. I used the skirt pattern of my gown, but folded it on it's self to make it less full (and fit on my 45" cotton voile) The hem to about mid skirt is flat lined with cotton organdy for stiffness and a little more opacity. Having two layers made the tucks a little more tricky to sew, but still fairly easy with basting.


Me Wearing Petticoat! )
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regency,swiss dot gown,cut of womens clothes

I wasn't really liking the silhouette I was seeing in my mock-up, the proportions were not super flattering. I brainstormed ideas and came up with adding a waistband.

To decide whether or not to add a waistband, I traced a photo of myself wearing my mock-up and added in all relevant details. I decided I liked it with a waistband better So I drafted one up. Luckily since the skirt is gathered, it didn't make any difference there. I wasn't super sure waistbands on day dresses were period (I had only remember seeing them on evening gowns, or a ribbon) so I Googled it, and they are YAY!!! (Pics under the cut) I suppose that my dress is a little later period now than before. 1820 instead of 1810 like the original pattern?

regency,swiss dot gown,cut of womens clothesregency,swiss dot gown,cut of womens clothes

Here is my dress!!
Well, sort of. It is completely basted together for my final fitting. But since it fits well, I can Sew it together permanently now ! (Which is easier when it's basted)

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Having class 8:30-6pm on a Monday was a bad Idea, how the hell do people go to work so long!

Anyway, I'v been making fast progress on the regency gown (Well, fast for me!) Public transit has been very helpful in giving me "time" to hand roll the ruffle edges and other hand sewing bits.

As of writing this, I have my bodice cut out and partially basted, skirt and sleeves assembled, and three ruffles left to hem!


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I started taking pattern drafting classes (In addition to my full-time school FIDM) last December at Apparel Arts (http://www.apparel-arts.com/). It's a go at your own pace program where you learn skirts, moulage, lines (Like princess empire etc), necklines (Where I am) collars, pockets, sleeves and pants. Everything you do you draft to your own measurements, by the time you finish you have several slopers on tag and about 100 patterns custom fitted to you. It is AMAZING!!!

Pattern drafting, and fitting (especially fitting) is still one of my weaker skills, so being in such a specialized class every week has helped me improve bit by bit!

Most of the time you sew the patterns you draft up in muslin. Then, to graduate out of each section you sew two garments up in fashion fabric. For the skirts section I made the skirts below. For the Lines+necklines I am working on two dresses currently.


skirts! )

Dresses! )
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I finally got a chance to take pictures outside in good lighting :)

(I Also finished my Regency Chemise- pictures!)

Drape and Finished  )
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It's official, I picked a dress ( my first Regency gown!) Specifically it's the 1810 Gown from page 158 of The Cut of Woman's Clothes which is an un-gridded pattern with little indication of grain.

regency,diagrams,period costumes for stage and screen

I started by draping the dress over my stays and mannequin, and then I realized I was using grain lines I had assumed based on modern standards, especially around the neckline. So I made a post over in DressDiaries_So:http://community.livejournal.com/dressdiaries_so/20330.htmlam Asking opinions.

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This has been a pretty bad week (between midterms and having my computer stolen) so I decided I deserved a good break! Having gotten my sewing machine back, I put my new zipper foot to use and worked on my Civil war and regency corsets.

In an Ironic Side note, my computer got stolen right AFTER I put on the lost Decal. I guess those numbers really are CURSED...


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regency,stays,period costumes for stage and screenregency,stays,period costumes for stage and screen

It felt like forever, but I finally got the outer layer of my regency stays completed!!!
Related post:http://izodiea.livejournal.com/15138.html

Also posted to Corsetmakers:http://community.livejournal.com/corsetmakers/1792423.html

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There are a lot of Regency events in the Bay Area, and I felt it was high time I made myself something to wear to them. I started in on making regency stays quite a while ago, but it's only been recently (Last two months or so) that My final mock-up got fit, and everything Fell into place after getting some sound advice over in the Corsetmakers community:(http://community.livejournal.com/corsetmakers/1764673.html)

The Pattern is from Period Costumes for Stage and Screen 1800-1909 by Jean Hunnisett. It is made from one Layer cotton (lining) one layer linen (Inner layer) and one layer Satin coutil as the fashion fabric. My first two mock-ups were made from duck, and the final (See the link above) from HEAVY artists canvas. Hunnisett's pattern uses plastic boning, I decided to replace this will a decorative cording pattern on the front, back, and gores of the stays. The finished stays will have a wooden busk, and some zip tie reinforcement if needed.

Some Eye Candy:
From: http://www.mfa.org/collections/search_art.asp?recview=true&id=74890&coll_keywords=&coll_accession=&coll_name=&coll_artist=&coll_place=&coll_medium=&coll_culture=&coll_classification=Costumes&coll_credit=&coll_provenance=&coll_location=&coll_has_images=1&co

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