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discarded to divinediscarded to divine

My final Entry to Discarded to Divine: The outfit consistence of a Faux 17th century bolero (complete with cartridge pleated sleeves) over an empire wasted dress with a charmeuse cowl bodice. Both garments are 100% wool and lined in silk. Both garment are also 60% recycled from other clothing.

Preview night at the De Young is April 15th 2011 (For people who want to see the clothes, but not bid) The Actual event, auction and fashion show is April 28, 2011. http://www.svdp-sf.org/DISCARDED/
All Proceeds from the auctions go towards clothing a feeding the homeless/transient population of San Francisco.

Construction/details since my last post...  )
My teacher is going to have all of my classes garments cleaned/pressed/photographed and turned in by the January 10th deadline. After that they will be juried for the silent auction and runway show.
I Really hope my outfit makes it into the fashion show. As a costume-designer it may be the only time I see a non-costume piece go down a runway like this.
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discarded to divinediscarded to divine

This is the dress I am making for Discarded for Divine, it is almost done now, just missing some key things like a zipper and a hem...but the darts in the bodice are done and that really all I care about! I will post more thoroughly about this dress later (Did I mention it's made from recycled garments?) Also the matching jacket I will start tomorrow.

For now I eat some soup and go to bed; these 16 hour Thursdays are slowly killing me...
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I MADE IT TO THE FINALISTS!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!!! CraftStylish Fall Jacket Challenge. http://www.craftstylish.com/item/75536/vote-for-your-favorite-in-the-sewstylish-fall-jacket-challenge

Mine is the one Re-use Coat. Voting ends the 24th of October, Winner will be announced the 25th! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!


Oct. 14th, 2010 09:18 pm
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army girl dressmad men,GBACG

I have officially Finished the Mad Men and the Army Girl dress. These are the two dress designs I had to make to pass into the next sections of my pattern making course. I tried them on in class, had them approved by my teacher and have gotten my new assignment-pockets leading into pants.

I really wish I wasn't making the "gah I have allergies" face in this pic.

I have more information about the two dresses, and more pictures under the cut. )

Also, the vote for my jacket has reached 39 votes, um, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
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I have entered My upcycled wool jacket into the SewStylish Fall Jacket Challenge. I would really appreciate it if you all could take a moment to vote for it. One of the things I can win is a SpoonFlower Gift Certificate= reproduction fabric of my choice!

To vote fallow the link and click the little "love it" button on the top right corner next to the title: http://www.craftstylish.com/item/71328/re-use-wool-coat

Thank you, If I win I promise to share the love with eyecandy!!!


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