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GBACG Annual Open House

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Today I went to the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild Open House and was one of the models in the fashion show in the 18th Century vignette for the Upcoming event "Evening at the Petit Trianon" http://www.gbacg.org/gbacg-calendar.html

It was a lot of fun! Their was good company, drinks (HOLY COW the food was amazing!) and I got a prize at the end of the raffle even though they never called my ticket. I got a Victorian pattern and some stockings I am going to wear next week to the 1950's party a friend is throwing.

This also afforded me an opportunity to get some pictures of my 18th century Polonaise-turned-Anglaise in good natural lighting. I wore my black sash with Painted brooch, and on my head my bird, my hair pad and a few false braided "nests". Ugg, doing my hair this morning was aggravating, it was still wet from the night before, raining and I don't own a blow dryer... I ended up using a hot curling iron quasi-successfully and TONS of hairspray.

I am glad I went today, it was a great de-stress-er from all the portfolio Homework I have right now.
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I am getting REALLY excited for the new musketeers movie:http://janitesonthejames.blogspot.com/2010/09/more-matthew-macfadyen-images-from.html

Also, I am kind of in love with this dress :http://www.etsy.com/listing/58542147/18th-century-colonial-silk-dress-marie?ref=sr_list_35&ga_search_query=18th+century&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=&order=&includes[0]=tags&includes[1]=title

I totally have fabric to make something like that...but I swore an oath to myself practically not to start any new costume projects until I finish all of the things currently taking up about 3 square feet of my apartment.

Also, I tripped and fell onto a sewing project last night, was really surprised that much blood could come from several holes in my foot and hand... then stop abruptly as nothing had ever happened.

...Also, I found three dollars in a bathroom, it has been a weird 24 hours.
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The finished dress!!! I'm dressed to attend the PEERS Le Mardi Gras des Vampires Ball (http://www.peers.org/mardigras.html) Along with my dress, I am wearing my African Springbok horns and a lace "mask" a la Marie: http://www.costumersguide.com/MA/masq9.jpg

Pictures of the Full outfit + Detail photos! )
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I'm making a hairpad/wiglet thing to make it easier to style my hair in proper late 18th century style. The Still From MA is roughly what I'm aiming for.

I'm fallowing the tutorial Here:http://www.vivcore.com/fancygirl/rococo_puff.html

More Pictures and Progress... )
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caplet body

So in addition to the Polonaise I made, I have also been working on a few accessories:

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I'v made A LOT of progress on my 18th Century Polonaise since my last post. The dress its self is 100% done, but I have unfortunately not gotten around to taking good pictures of me wearing it since I put the trim on. All of the undergarments, however, are done and I have pictures so I am posting bellow.
(also see http://izodiea.livejournal.com/8676.html#cutid)

I have also finished one of the accessories (a calash) for this costume so i am posting pictures of that as well. The others (Mitts, caplet, sash and tricorn) are still in progress. I'm hoping to finish and properly photograph everything over the winter holiday, since i'll be out of school and have more time then.


<b>LOTS of Pictures</b> and More Information )


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