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I'v made some more progress on my pockets, I am onto the people now!

My progress has slowed down quite a bit since I started doing my history homework on the train instead of stitching. At this rate I should be done in...four months??

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Jan. 24th, 2011 09:24 pm
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Some progress now that I am back in school (and commuting again) I have to do all the french knots on the flowers now, as well as two plant stems I forgot. After that it is time to tackle the People!!

This weekend I completely cut out and stitched the main seams of katlaoesk's corset. Now, I am waiting for the busk to arrive before I can progress more. The bones came, but I can't really sandwich/top-stitch the casings before the busk.

I also made a Super brief trip to the Edwardian Vendor hall to visit some friends who had booths (I did not go to the actual event). It was very full of $$ pretty, but not as big as I was expecting. I left with a free (Cause TopsyTurvy is awesome!) sequined hair bow and a feather hair extension. My friend was teasing me if my head gets any more bird themed I will start to look like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_o5sOGMZKcB4/S1tYjgFYfCI/AAAAAAAADpE/rKruGCnFGYY/s400/avatar+7.jpg

I have to get up early for math class tomorrow (6am) my payment for a 4-day weekend, it is worth it in the long run.
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I have made a little more progress on my pockets. I finished all of the plants, french knots and started on the flowers. This was th first time I have ever made french knots, I find them frustrating...

Yesterday I also got a really strong urge to work on my Striped Linen gown, So I did a lot of the pattern alterations (I am using my polonaise as a base) and cut out everything but the skirt and sleeves. Right now I am really undecided on sleeves, but thankfully I can do that last. A bigger problem, and something I have to decide before I progress is the skirt. I know I want the back to be en fourreau, and the front to lace over a stomacher. I played with a few style options as well as lengths in some sketches under the CUT )

And now I shall get back to homework. I am trying to get all of the drafting done for the Pants section of my Apparel Arts classes over this break. I only have two pairs of pants left out of ten, and each of those is 50% done already. Button flys are weird, as are Culottes.
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My family does weird things, we also do very traditional things, I think this makes us normal. An example of this is what we did for Thanksgiving. We drove to Mt. Shasta (at night) and slept at a friend of my moms. They had had a feast earlier that evening for about 30 people, and when we showed up they had left food out for us (roast beef, turkey, rice, veggies, pie, wine, bread...) My brother joked it was like the cave trolls trap from Pan's labyrinth...

I had nightmares, was cuddled and made better by the family cat (Who I dubbed Dream kitty) and woke up in the morning to fresh snow. We got back in the car and headed out. I really only got to see the mountain for about 5 minutes as we drove through town. My mom's 1/2 hour long description of the mystical 5th dimensional city of Talos (Hidden in Mt. Shasta) plus a quick stop in a crystal bowl shop for gifts rounded out the general weirdness of the trip. That and I ate coconut milk coffee ice cream for breakfast before we headed to my aunts house and had the picturesque thanksgiving straight out of a magazine.

I didn't get to work on the pockets as much as I would have liked, but I did get the wood-burning on the busk about 80% completed!

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In anticipation of all the sitting in cars/other transit I will be doing in the coming holiday weekend; I finally sat down and finished the prep-work to start embroidering a pair of 18th century pockets!

transferring design in pencil

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Also, Just watched the movie Witness for the first time, Gotta say, Damn you Harrison Ford for making Amish people sexy.


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