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So as a little graduation present I decided to Bite the bullet and buy a spoonbusk. I have always really loved them, but they have always seemed unjustifiable cost-wise. Serendipitous to this decision was someone posting a link on corsetmakers for busks for $25!!! With shipping it was still half of what the local stores I found wanted.

I am going to use it for a Victorian corset I mock-uped a while ago, but put aside to work on the 1840's corset. The mock-up had some mixed results, so once I get the mental energy I will start to work on it again.

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pants,apparel arts

I'v finally gotten to the section of my pattern drafting course were I get to make two original design pants (I had to draft 10 basic styles first) Yesterday I finished sewing up both of the mock-ups, and today I had a fitting in class. NO MAJOR CHANGES WEEE!!! This is such a releif! So far pants have been giving me a lot of trouble; I had to re-draft my sloper three times :(
Thankfully that all seems to be sorted out now, most of the changes were small and I was able to do them in class. I love that making myself pants counts as homework!

My teacher took some photos while I was in class, but unfortunately she used a flash and they came out a bit...see through :/ I took some new ones in front of the mirror, unfortunately it is a little harder to see the details with the lighting.

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The other day I got around to finishing and trying on the mock-up for my next corset. The pattern is an original combo I got from combining my Regency corset (bottom) and Civil War corset (Top). Silhouette wise this made the most sense historically. Right off the bat The result is better than I had hoped for !!!

1840's corset,corset,mock-up

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I have made a little more progress on my pockets. I finished all of the plants, french knots and started on the flowers. This was th first time I have ever made french knots, I find them frustrating...

Yesterday I also got a really strong urge to work on my Striped Linen gown, So I did a lot of the pattern alterations (I am using my polonaise as a base) and cut out everything but the skirt and sleeves. Right now I am really undecided on sleeves, but thankfully I can do that last. A bigger problem, and something I have to decide before I progress is the skirt. I know I want the back to be en fourreau, and the front to lace over a stomacher. I played with a few style options as well as lengths in some sketches under the CUT )

And now I shall get back to homework. I am trying to get all of the drafting done for the Pants section of my Apparel Arts classes over this break. I only have two pairs of pants left out of ten, and each of those is 50% done already. Button flys are weird, as are Culottes.
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A little while ago my friend [livejournal.com profile] katlaoesk approached me about making her a corset and skirt for her graduation. Today I sat down and did all of the drafting and mock-up sewing. I am going to see her over the holidays and we are going to have a fitting. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!!!

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On a side note, I have also been thinking about corsets for myself. I still plan to re-make the 1850's corset (Out of the navy bee silk) but I also want to make a quilted 1830's corset. When I was out shopping the other day with [livejournal.com profile] akikotree I bought some silk duchess at silk moon in SF. It was "on sale" from $67 dollars, but it was still a little pricey. This fabric had haunted me since the last time I was there, so I had to buy some. I think the satin will really set off the quilting. Soooo pretty....

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discarded to divinediscarded to divine

My final Entry to Discarded to Divine: The outfit consistence of a Faux 17th century bolero (complete with cartridge pleated sleeves) over an empire wasted dress with a charmeuse cowl bodice. Both garments are 100% wool and lined in silk. Both garment are also 60% recycled from other clothing.

Preview night at the De Young is April 15th 2011 (For people who want to see the clothes, but not bid) The Actual event, auction and fashion show is April 28, 2011. http://www.svdp-sf.org/DISCARDED/
All Proceeds from the auctions go towards clothing a feeding the homeless/transient population of San Francisco.

Construction/details since my last post...  )
My teacher is going to have all of my classes garments cleaned/pressed/photographed and turned in by the January 10th deadline. After that they will be juried for the silent auction and runway show.
I Really hope my outfit makes it into the fashion show. As a costume-designer it may be the only time I see a non-costume piece go down a runway like this.
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In my computer pattern drafting class we were given the assignment of replicating (Knocking-off) a garment. Because I really love Free People (and they are $$) I copied a sweatshirt I got for my birthday two years ago. The Photo above is the sweatshirt style in question, mine is dark gray, and my copy black.

The pattern drafting (CAD) program we use is Gerber, and I really hate it. I really really hate it! I am a mac person, and this Program pretty much is everything I could possibly hate about PCs crammed into one program, with crack. Unfortunately their doesn't seem to be any industry competition...I'm looking at you adobe...

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As promised the first jacket mock-up:

discared to divine

*Edit* To get the pattern, I mashed together directions from my apparel arts textbook, and Period Costumes for Stage and Screen.

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Oct. 14th, 2010 09:18 pm
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army girl dressmad men,GBACG

I have officially Finished the Mad Men and the Army Girl dress. These are the two dress designs I had to make to pass into the next sections of my pattern making course. I tried them on in class, had them approved by my teacher and have gotten my new assignment-pockets leading into pants.

I really wish I wasn't making the "gah I have allergies" face in this pic.

I have more information about the two dresses, and more pictures under the cut. )

Also, the vote for my jacket has reached 39 votes, um, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
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This last quarter I had a class called collection development. It is a pattern drafting class where you work with a partner to design a coordinating group of 2 jackets, 2 shirts, 2 pants and 2 skirts (one each per team member). Me and My partner's theme was "Then and Now- The Romantic's" Above is our mood and fabric board (Minus the labels I put on after I took the photo).

We split it up that I made more masculine inspired pieces (Pictures under the cut) and my partner made the more Feminine ones (No photos). All the garments we made are in muslin (Class requirement) so it takes a little imagination to "see" how the finished piece should look.

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I started taking pattern drafting classes (In addition to my full-time school FIDM) last December at Apparel Arts (http://www.apparel-arts.com/). It's a go at your own pace program where you learn skirts, moulage, lines (Like princess empire etc), necklines (Where I am) collars, pockets, sleeves and pants. Everything you do you draft to your own measurements, by the time you finish you have several slopers on tag and about 100 patterns custom fitted to you. It is AMAZING!!!

Pattern drafting, and fitting (especially fitting) is still one of my weaker skills, so being in such a specialized class every week has helped me improve bit by bit!

Most of the time you sew the patterns you draft up in muslin. Then, to graduate out of each section you sew two garments up in fashion fabric. For the skirts section I made the skirts below. For the Lines+necklines I am working on two dresses currently.


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