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So as a little graduation present I decided to Bite the bullet and buy a spoonbusk. I have always really loved them, but they have always seemed unjustifiable cost-wise. Serendipitous to this decision was someone posting a link on corsetmakers for busks for $25!!! With shipping it was still half of what the local stores I found wanted.

I am going to use it for a Victorian corset I mock-uped a while ago, but put aside to work on the 1840's corset. The mock-up had some mixed results, so once I get the mental energy I will start to work on it again.

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I'v finally gotten to the section of my pattern drafting course were I get to make two original design pants (I had to draft 10 basic styles first) Yesterday I finished sewing up both of the mock-ups, and today I had a fitting in class. NO MAJOR CHANGES WEEE!!! This is such a releif! So far pants have been giving me a lot of trouble; I had to re-draft my sloper three times :(
Thankfully that all seems to be sorted out now, most of the changes were small and I was able to do them in class. I love that making myself pants counts as homework!

My teacher took some photos while I was in class, but unfortunately she used a flash and they came out a bit...see through :/ I took some new ones in front of the mirror, unfortunately it is a little harder to see the details with the lighting.

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The other day I got around to finishing and trying on the mock-up for my next corset. The pattern is an original combo I got from combining my Regency corset (bottom) and Civil War corset (Top). Silhouette wise this made the most sense historically. Right off the bat The result is better than I had hoped for !!!

1840's corset,corset,mock-up

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A little while ago my friend [livejournal.com profile] katlaoesk approached me about making her a corset and skirt for her graduation. Today I sat down and did all of the drafting and mock-up sewing. I am going to see her over the holidays and we are going to have a fitting. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!!!

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On a side note, I have also been thinking about corsets for myself. I still plan to re-make the 1850's corset (Out of the navy bee silk) but I also want to make a quilted 1830's corset. When I was out shopping the other day with [livejournal.com profile] akikotree I bought some silk duchess at silk moon in SF. It was "on sale" from $67 dollars, but it was still a little pricey. This fabric had haunted me since the last time I was there, so I had to buy some. I think the satin will really set off the quilting. Soooo pretty....

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As promised the first jacket mock-up:

discared to divine

*Edit* To get the pattern, I mashed together directions from my apparel arts textbook, and Period Costumes for Stage and Screen.

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Having class 8:30-6pm on a Monday was a bad Idea, how the hell do people go to work so long!

Anyway, I'v been making fast progress on the regency gown (Well, fast for me!) Public transit has been very helpful in giving me "time" to hand roll the ruffle edges and other hand sewing bits.

As of writing this, I have my bodice cut out and partially basted, skirt and sleeves assembled, and three ruffles left to hem!


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