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Finals week I was kind of on fire as far as being productive. I finished the corset in time to wear it and all of my projects with enough energy left to go celebrate with my friends after class. It was extremely fun!!!

First we Posted for photos for the Discarded to Divine Records/catalog (After the last 6 hour class).
Then we went to the DarkGarden Holiday party and a few of them tried on corsets for the first time.
After that we accidentally crashed a graduation party at a bar; but since all but me in my group had graduated that day they didn't care and even gave us free drinks! There was also a DJ, and we danced for a few hours before going separate ways and I took BART home. The whole time I was wearing my corset (and my back mini tricorn) it passes the compfy test :)

More + Floating Modesty Panel ) Now off to other things! I have pie to eat, a coffee run to make, a corset to work on, and an application to work on.


Dec. 19th, 2010 12:31 am
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Today I went to the Dickens fair for the first time with some friends. Sadly all the photos on my camera from when I was there came out super blurry because of the lack of flash, observe:
dickens 2010

The only non-blurry photo I got was when we went to a craft fair at the concourse afterward:
dickens 2010
We were still in costume, and the hipsters were not amused by our irony.

I wore my Betsy Johnson Bustle jacket, and the silk and quilted petticoats from my 18th century polonaise. Someone bumped me and got apple cider on my skirt. Their is a slight water mark now, Oh well, it's less of an issue than that time with the tree sap! I also had my hair back in combs (I took them out by the craft fair) and mitts a friend knitted me. It was a good combo, I was just the right temperature all the time.
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When I wear this all the boys are going to be looking at my...face... :)

More Pictures and a Request for help!  )


Just for fun I tried it on over a modern bustle jacket I bought a while ago, the result was not bad considering both garments are anachronistic!
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Civil War Corset:
This is a corset I have had this corset lying around forever. The otherday I realized it was almost done...except for three little bits of flossing. I realized how silly that was so I sat down and did it!

Anyway, in my head this corset has a lot of bag "karma" attached to it, so I have decided to sell it.

I have included under the cut all relevant measurements as well as LOTS of pictures of the finished piece.  )

X-posted to my own Journal, Corsetmakers and Corsetry
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I decided to sell off some of the old fabric and costume stuff I have had for a while, and am fairly sure I am not going to use. Smoke-free, animal-free home etc.

Shipping will be determined by item(s) but I will try and keep it low. Paypal proffered, but I will also consider trades!


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millinery,18th century,tricorn,dupioni,ribbon

I originally started, and abandoned, this tricorn over a year ago. I recently felt motivated to give it another go, and aimed to wear it to an upcoming pirate festival. The end result is probably one of the most Frilly girlie things I have ever made, and I wuvs it -Mission Successful!

Pictures from the Northern California Pirate Festival can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48512843@N04/sets/72157624320314830/ For my costume I wore an all white set of my 18th century Undergarments (Something I had seen several other costumers do) Most of the accessories I own are black, so it made for a nice contrast. I was more of a *cough* Lady than a pirate. At the fair I helped break the work record for most pirates in one place - 2,300 pirates!!!

Construction Info and LOTS of Photos )
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Eyecandy time! I was at a local vintage store and found these pretties:


I was also bad and bought some Fabric )
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This has been a pretty bad week (between midterms and having my computer stolen) so I decided I deserved a good break! Having gotten my sewing machine back, I put my new zipper foot to use and worked on my Civil war and regency corsets.

In an Ironic Side note, my computer got stolen right AFTER I put on the lost Decal. I guess those numbers really are CURSED...


Detail shots and more Info )
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I decided to sell off some of the old fabric, patterns and costume stuff I have had for a while, and am fairly sure I am not going to use. Smoke-free, animal-free home etc.

Shipping will be determined by item(s) but I will try and keep it low)


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When simplicity changed the pattern number, some kind person put the corset pattern on ebay as a buy it now auction for $4.50. The difference is that the new pattern includes bloomers, and the chemise has shorter sleeves: http://www.simplicity.com/p-1802-costumes.aspx

I'v actually had this corset cut out and ready to start sewing for about a month...but the Gussets scared me!


LOTS of Pictures!!! )
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The finished dress!!! I'm dressed to attend the PEERS Le Mardi Gras des Vampires Ball (http://www.peers.org/mardigras.html) Along with my dress, I am wearing my African Springbok horns and a lace "mask" a la Marie: http://www.costumersguide.com/MA/masq9.jpg

Pictures of the Full outfit + Detail photos! )


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