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-Busk Sliding into it's pocket-
It occurs to me now it is absolute insanity to decorate something that gets hidden in a garment, then under another garment; so it will never ever ever be seen in polite society.

Oh well :)

Detail Shots!!! )
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My family does weird things, we also do very traditional things, I think this makes us normal. An example of this is what we did for Thanksgiving. We drove to Mt. Shasta (at night) and slept at a friend of my moms. They had had a feast earlier that evening for about 30 people, and when we showed up they had left food out for us (roast beef, turkey, rice, veggies, pie, wine, bread...) My brother joked it was like the cave trolls trap from Pan's labyrinth...

I had nightmares, was cuddled and made better by the family cat (Who I dubbed Dream kitty) and woke up in the morning to fresh snow. We got back in the car and headed out. I really only got to see the mountain for about 5 minutes as we drove through town. My mom's 1/2 hour long description of the mystical 5th dimensional city of Talos (Hidden in Mt. Shasta) plus a quick stop in a crystal bowl shop for gifts rounded out the general weirdness of the trip. That and I ate coconut milk coffee ice cream for breakfast before we headed to my aunts house and had the picturesque thanksgiving straight out of a magazine.

I didn't get to work on the pockets as much as I would have liked, but I did get the wood-burning on the busk about 80% completed!

Pictures of Busk and Embroidery )
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A little while ago I approached my friend [livejournal.com profile] akikotree about helping me with a project I had in mind- to transform my plain store bought busk for my regency stays into a one of a kind art-piece.
Yesturday when I met up with her at The SF Alternative Press Expo (APE) she surprised me with this:


I spent a little bit think about which one I liked best and decided to go with the Roses and Thorns, it felt the most traditional of the three, while still having a modern flair.
Now I have a plan for getting the drawing onto my busk, and it is a good plan! MWAHAHAHAAA!!!

...any way, more pictures and examples of historical decorated busks under the cut. )

I also wore my Army Girl Dress to APE, I felt a tad Lolita. The "headband" I am wearing is actually a bow tie. I got that Idea from a girl I met on a bus, few days later my mom asked me if I wanted her old bow tie...Um YES?



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