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A little while ago I hit up a local beading store that was going out of business for lacing for my Jodhpurs. Since It was 60% off I bought 40 yards. Today I started to space out the yardage.
Back panels 14 yards x 2 + front panels 13 yards X 2 = total 54 yards!

Soooo I need to buy more lacing, anyone interested in splitting a spool with me?
First choice: http://www.cheeptrims.com/store/item.asp?Category=98&SubCategoryID=371&GroupID&SKU=CR-805
Second choice: http://www.cheeptrims.com/store/item.asp?Category&SubCategoryID&GroupID&SKU=CR-818

Or if anyone is interested in the original cording, it would be nice to apply my investment towards the new stuff. Message me if interested!

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Aside from the Lacing Failure, the pants are now 100% done and have been graded by my teacher. Today I started the Collars + Sleeves Section, fallowed by jackets. I am so excited for the Napoleon collar!
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I finished the first of the two pairs of Apparel arts Pants last week, but turned them in this week because I was sick. I hope to finish the Second pair this week. The waistband is almost done, then it is just buttonholes and adding the decorative lacing.

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The pants have a total of 16 1/2 buttons. When i was sewing them on I noticed that I had lost one. I went back to the store and they were all out! Luckily the lady sold me the sample (at a discount even!) Another reason why Stone Mountain and Daughter is awesome!
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I have gotten quite a bit done on the Apparel Arts pants! The two pairs has also morphed into *three* pants now, but more about that under the Cut. )


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