Apr. 4th, 2011 09:41 pm
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YES! I am almost done! No more endless knot tying, no more scary gussets! All I have left to do is buy some boning and trouble shoot a few wrinkles (Pics on me under the cut, I would love some input!)

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So as a little graduation present I decided to Bite the bullet and buy a spoonbusk. I have always really loved them, but they have always seemed unjustifiable cost-wise. Serendipitous to this decision was someone posting a link on corsetmakers for busks for $25!!! With shipping it was still half of what the local stores I found wanted.

I am going to use it for a Victorian corset I mock-uped a while ago, but put aside to work on the 1840's corset. The mock-up had some mixed results, so once I get the mental energy I will start to work on it again.

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When I wear this all the boys are going to be looking at my...face... :)

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Just for fun I tried it on over a modern bustle jacket I bought a while ago, the result was not bad considering both garments are anachronistic!
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A little while ago I approached my friend [ profile] akikotree about helping me with a project I had in mind- to transform my plain store bought busk for my regency stays into a one of a kind art-piece.
Yesturday when I met up with her at The SF Alternative Press Expo (APE) she surprised me with this:


I spent a little bit think about which one I liked best and decided to go with the Roses and Thorns, it felt the most traditional of the three, while still having a modern flair.
Now I have a plan for getting the drawing onto my busk, and it is a good plan! MWAHAHAHAAA!!!

...any way, more pictures and examples of historical decorated busks under the cut. )

I also wore my Army Girl Dress to APE, I felt a tad Lolita. The "headband" I am wearing is actually a bow tie. I got that Idea from a girl I met on a bus, few days later my mom asked me if I wanted her old bow tie...Um YES?

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I finally got a chance to take pictures outside in good lighting :)

(I Also finished my Regency Chemise- pictures!)

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This has been a pretty bad week (between midterms and having my computer stolen) so I decided I deserved a good break! Having gotten my sewing machine back, I put my new zipper foot to use and worked on my Civil war and regency corsets.

In an Ironic Side note, my computer got stolen right AFTER I put on the lost Decal. I guess those numbers really are CURSED...


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When simplicity changed the pattern number, some kind person put the corset pattern on ebay as a buy it now auction for $4.50. The difference is that the new pattern includes bloomers, and the chemise has shorter sleeves:

I'v actually had this corset cut out and ready to start sewing for about a month...but the Gussets scared me!


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