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My Amazingly talented friend and collaborator [livejournal.com profile] akikotree has finished her senior thesis!!! She created 26 pages, each one with a letter of the English alphabet and a historical person whose name starts with that letter. She is hoping to eventually have it published as a childrens book. I know I am definitely buying a copy for my nieces!

Many more pictures (In progress and the Gallery show) can be seen in her post here: http://akikotree.livejournal.com/25070.html?view=89582#t89582
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-Busk Sliding into it's pocket-
It occurs to me now it is absolute insanity to decorate something that gets hidden in a garment, then under another garment; so it will never ever ever be seen in polite society.

Oh well :)

Detail Shots!!! )
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A little while ago I approached my friend [livejournal.com profile] akikotree about helping me with a project I had in mind- to transform my plain store bought busk for my regency stays into a one of a kind art-piece.
Yesturday when I met up with her at The SF Alternative Press Expo (APE) she surprised me with this:


I spent a little bit think about which one I liked best and decided to go with the Roses and Thorns, it felt the most traditional of the three, while still having a modern flair.
Now I have a plan for getting the drawing onto my busk, and it is a good plan! MWAHAHAHAAA!!!

...any way, more pictures and examples of historical decorated busks under the cut. )

I also wore my Army Girl Dress to APE, I felt a tad Lolita. The "headband" I am wearing is actually a bow tie. I got that Idea from a girl I met on a bus, few days later my mom asked me if I wanted her old bow tie...Um YES?



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