Apr. 4th, 2011 09:41 pm
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YES! I am almost done! No more endless knot tying, no more scary gussets! All I have left to do is buy some boning and trouble shoot a few wrinkles (Pics on me under the cut, I would love some input!)

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All the little quilted boxes make my OCD monster very happy. It felt like it took forever, but I am almost 100% done with the quilting. Next up is sewing in the bust gussets, sandwhich the two layers together, adding in the busk, and grommets. I also need to buy some boning. I am in the home stretch at least!

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Quite a lot of progress on my quilted corset! (I'v been sick, so sitting and sewing has been nice and relaxing) The strength layer is all sewn, and the fashion layer is all prepped for quilting. Before I progress anymore though, I have to actually decide how I want to do it...

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Despite being sick I had a really wonderful time down in LA this weekend. I went to the FIDM debut fashion show both nights. On the second night the other scholarship winners and I were presented with little glass star statues by Nick Verreos! I also got to see the Ghetty, and the FIDM Movie Costume Exhibit. I will post some pictures later. My camera died pretty early on, so I need to get some from my friends.

The last day we were lucky to make it out of LA before the storm got too bad. A few hours after we left the friend I was staying with was stranded at her apartment because the street had flooded (2 feet of water!!!) and the power went out for 12 hours. Who builds a city without street drains?!


Feb. 25th, 2011 12:24 am
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I actually did this a while ago (forgot to post it) but I made some quilting samples with various types of interfacing to see how they looked with the silk satin.
The sketch above is some Ideas I had about how I might actually do the quilting based on the areas I designated. Opinions? Does one or two of them really stick out to you?

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The other day I got around to finishing and trying on the mock-up for my next corset. The pattern is an original combo I got from combining my Regency corset (bottom) and Civil War corset (Top). Silhouette wise this made the most sense historically. Right off the bat The result is better than I had hoped for !!!

1840's corset,corset,mock-up

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