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Further Evidence I am a Huge Nerd, here are a bunch more Xena pics (Previous post: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/39869.html) These are all of the various "side" outfits I could find she wore during various episodes.

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I was a die-hard Xena fan as a kid. I used to have one of those cardboard cutouts of her in my room until my mom got sick of being startled by it :) I have always wanted to make myself her costume, but it has always seamed extremely daunting...

Awhile back I bought that cheapo Leg Avenue dress (Princess Leia meets Xena anyone?) with the intention of turning it into a proper-ish costume. I was thinking of wearing it to Wondercon this year (I'v been poison Ivy two years in a row now) and used a friends "Fight Night/warriors" themed party as a change to get started on it. The results were mixed :/

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In other news I slept through my alarm this morning. Felt like a dumbass showing up an hour late to class but at least I still made it for my presentation!

Right now I am waiting in the cafeteria (3 hours) for my reserved slot to print out my final design project. If I print on campus it is free, versus $50-100 bucks if I go to a copy center. One week left then I may never step foot on this campus again, which is weird since I feel like I live here some days.

Karl Urban as Cupid :)

Yatta! ! !

Mar. 4th, 2011 02:56 pm
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Accepted Advanced Study In Theater Costume Design, Awarded Alex Roldan Scholarship for excellence. They want me to go down to the LA campus to be awarded on stage during the Debut Fashion show, and again during the educators night (for the people who gave me the scholarship) I really hope I can go!!!! What am I going to wear!?

I'm not really sure how much the scholarship is, they offer two (Alex Roldan and one from the Costumers Guild) I know one is close to $10,000 so I REALLY REALLY hope it's that one!!!

I'm all warm and fuzzy on the inside :)
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I'v made some more progress on my pockets, I am onto the people now!

My progress has slowed down quite a bit since I started doing my history homework on the train instead of stitching. At this rate I should be done in...four months??

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I have only two weeks of school left now before I graduate...it is starting to freak me out a little. Next week all of my portfolio stuff is due, and that is freaking me out a bit. It's all manageable in the end, but it means a lot of time in front of the computer and I know my eyes are going to hate me, then after that is the live presentation in front of the Fashion design panel. Students and teachers keep telling me horror stories about this panel and how they make people cry, and I'm all "STOP TELLING ME THESE THINGS! I REFUSE TO CRY!!!"

Anyway, This post is about my comfort things: Iced coffee, eggs, gluten-free toast, long tank tops, and leggings.

Pictures of things I be cookin' up )

Oh, and I am supposed to hear back from FIDM about the costume program really soon. They said the beginning of March,before the runway show (Next weekend) This anticipation is making me a little crazy...ok really crazy, time for more toast.


Feb. 25th, 2011 12:24 am
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I actually did this a while ago (forgot to post it) but I made some quilting samples with various types of interfacing to see how they looked with the silk satin.
The sketch above is some Ideas I had about how I might actually do the quilting based on the areas I designated. Opinions? Does one or two of them really stick out to you?

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A little while ago I hit up a local beading store that was going out of business for lacing for my Jodhpurs. Since It was 60% off I bought 40 yards. Today I started to space out the yardage.
Back panels 14 yards x 2 + front panels 13 yards X 2 = total 54 yards!

Soooo I need to buy more lacing, anyone interested in splitting a spool with me?
First choice: http://www.cheeptrims.com/store/item.asp?Category=98&SubCategoryID=371&GroupID&SKU=CR-805
Second choice: http://www.cheeptrims.com/store/item.asp?Category&SubCategoryID&GroupID&SKU=CR-818

Or if anyone is interested in the original cording, it would be nice to apply my investment towards the new stuff. Message me if interested!

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Aside from the Lacing Failure, the pants are now 100% done and have been graded by my teacher. Today I started the Collars + Sleeves Section, fallowed by jackets. I am so excited for the Napoleon collar!
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I may be the last one to see it, but I Cannot Stop Watching This Video:

It's amazing how many cliches can fit so amazingly in one place. It's been a "why is that crazy girl laughing to herself on the train" kind of day. Damn you CHRIS DANE OWENS, you and your magical goatee Circa 2008.

And and explanation for those interested:http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2008/12/an-internet-sta.html
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apparel arts,pants
I finished the first of the two pairs of Apparel arts Pants last week, but turned them in this week because I was sick. I hope to finish the Second pair this week. The waistband is almost done, then it is just buttonholes and adding the decorative lacing.

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The pants have a total of 16 1/2 buttons. When i was sewing them on I noticed that I had lost one. I went back to the store and they were all out! Luckily the lady sold me the sample (at a discount even!) Another reason why Stone Mountain and Daughter is awesome!
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Everything went well at the final fitting last weekend. I am particularly happy with the fit of the bust area. Now All I have left is to sew the motifs on, shorten the straps a little, and hem the skirt and lining.
I think she is going to be the best dressed person at her graduation don't you? :)

Pictures! )
Once I am 100% done I am probably going to mail or pass of the corset to her, so the next pictures I get will probably be from Katlaoesk herself.

After the fitting I kinda dropped off radar because it was midterms and I had a lot of catch-up to do once I stopped feeling so sick. 7 hours of sleep in three days, I think that is my all time record... last night I slept about 12 to make up for it, and now it all feels like it never happened, weird.
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I finally finished one of the Knit garments I cut out forever ago. It took me a while because I needed to mark the fringe while I was wearing it (to avoid puckering) and then I had to hand stitch it all down. Photos. )
I also uploaded some detail Pictures of the 18th Century hair style I did for the GBACG Open house: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48512843@N04/sets/72157625918756539/
In them you can see the padding, as well as the fake bits pretty well.

AND now back to homework, break time is over.
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I think I have guilted myself out of sewing the Stripe High waisted Pants. I don't know how to really explain this, but it's a combo of several things I have had floating around in my head the past few weeks. The black Pair is completely done, so my School requirement is completely met once I finish the Jodhpurs. The stripy-ness was just for fun, and because I love stripes!

The one kink to this? I already ordered the stripe duck and can't return it. As far as new uses...I have been thinking corded petticoat? I have my romantic corset all cut out, so making a corded petti would come after that. A class I saw advertised online recommended using striped fabric. The finished result would be very Colleen Atwood-esque, and covered by other skirts anyway.
Other possible projects could be a Corset, Bustle, or save the fabric for the Jackets Section of my pattern making course. All of these I have a much less immediate use for than the Quilted petti, which is why they are second in my mind.

Ug, sewing the lining in these pants the other day took forever. It was the height of my sickness and my brain couldn't handle hand-sewing apparently :( On the bright side the Shiny-ness and Stripy-ness of it makes me incredibly amused. I really wish I had more of this fabric (It was a scrap from a dress I made while back) if I had more of it I would use it to line EVERYTHING! It's cotton, and you can't feel the metallic threads at all, that is, they are not scratchy.

And Now I take a deep breath and return to making Flats. The worse Illustrator flaw ever?? Crashing while saving, so you LOSE EVERYTHING!!!
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Everything is pretty much ready for the final "fitting" on katlaoesk's corset. She is going to come over sometime soon and I will mark the hem and lace motif placements. The only thing that isn't fully done is the straps and modesty Panel which I am going to work on tonight. (I am really sick of pants...)

More photos and a mini rant about Lost Coast Historical Patterns under the Cut. )
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I have gotten quite a bit done on the Apparel Arts pants! The two pairs has also morphed into *three* pants now, but more about that under the Cut. )
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GBACG Annual Open House

(Click the Image to go to the Photo Album)

Today I went to the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild Open House and was one of the models in the fashion show in the 18th Century vignette for the Upcoming event "Evening at the Petit Trianon" http://www.gbacg.org/gbacg-calendar.html

It was a lot of fun! Their was good company, drinks (HOLY COW the food was amazing!) and I got a prize at the end of the raffle even though they never called my ticket. I got a Victorian pattern and some stockings I am going to wear next week to the 1950's party a friend is throwing.

This also afforded me an opportunity to get some pictures of my 18th century Polonaise-turned-Anglaise in good natural lighting. I wore my black sash with Painted brooch, and on my head my bird, my hair pad and a few false braided "nests". Ugg, doing my hair this morning was aggravating, it was still wet from the night before, raining and I don't own a blow dryer... I ended up using a hot curling iron quasi-successfully and TONS of hairspray.

I am glad I went today, it was a great de-stress-er from all the portfolio Homework I have right now.


Jan. 24th, 2011 09:24 pm
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Some progress now that I am back in school (and commuting again) I have to do all the french knots on the flowers now, as well as two plant stems I forgot. After that it is time to tackle the People!!

This weekend I completely cut out and stitched the main seams of katlaoesk's corset. Now, I am waiting for the busk to arrive before I can progress more. The bones came, but I can't really sandwich/top-stitch the casings before the busk.

I also made a Super brief trip to the Edwardian Vendor hall to visit some friends who had booths (I did not go to the actual event). It was very full of $$ pretty, but not as big as I was expecting. I left with a free (Cause TopsyTurvy is awesome!) sequined hair bow and a feather hair extension. My friend was teasing me if my head gets any more bird themed I will start to look like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_o5sOGMZKcB4/S1tYjgFYfCI/AAAAAAAADpE/rKruGCnFGYY/s400/avatar+7.jpg

I have to get up early for math class tomorrow (6am) my payment for a 4-day weekend, it is worth it in the long run.
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pants,apparel arts

I'v finally gotten to the section of my pattern drafting course were I get to make two original design pants (I had to draft 10 basic styles first) Yesterday I finished sewing up both of the mock-ups, and today I had a fitting in class. NO MAJOR CHANGES WEEE!!! This is such a releif! So far pants have been giving me a lot of trouble; I had to re-draft my sloper three times :(
Thankfully that all seems to be sorted out now, most of the changes were small and I was able to do them in class. I love that making myself pants counts as homework!

My teacher took some photos while I was in class, but unfortunately she used a flash and they came out a bit...see through :/ I took some new ones in front of the mirror, unfortunately it is a little harder to see the details with the lighting.

Photos )
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These are adorable!!! And perfect for all those not-often-used decorative machine stitches!
Next year!!!


Also, I have an available copy of the Sweatshirt pattern I made a while ago: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/30617.html
comment or PM me if interested.
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My Fabrics came from spoonflower!!!
I am really happy to finally have this fabric in hand, along with some of the new swatches. I am still waiting for the new "white work" Swatch to arrive, you can see the failed one under the cut.

I have been a bad bird all weekend and been avoiding my homework (Math, bleh) As a result I was productive in other areas! First I completely cut out the Quilted corset (Which took forever!) I made a bird hair peice, drafted two pairs of pants (Both of which I am going to be sewing in the near future) and made more gluten free mini pies.
I think I am going to try and wear the bird tomorrow, hopefully get a picture less blurry.

Pie, Birds and Swatches )
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Please vote for my fabric: Navy 18th Century Border Print by izodiea in The Spoonflower Rococo Fabris Competition!!!

Vote here: http://www.spoonflower.com/contest_voters/new?contest_id=64#conpage2

"Spoonflower Rococo Fabric Contest
Designs appear in a different order for each person who votes in the contest. The theme of this contest is fabric designs in the rococo style of the 18th century.

Vote for as many or as few designs as you like by clicking on the images you like best. A green box will appear around the design you select for voting.

Your votes are submitted only after you reach the end of the voting pages and click the button to submit your votes. We will announce the winning fabric in our email on Thursday, January 20th."

In others news, 3 yards of the dark grey colorway are now in the mail on their way towards me for the 18th jacket. The voile white work swatches however have been giving their printer some issues. It took a little while but seems to be working now, I should get that swatch a little while later in a different shipment. If the voile swatch works out I am going to order some yardage for a big wrap around fichu. Has anyone ever made a large fichu like this: http://noblegarb.com/?p=237
How much yardgage did you need? I can't really make mine angled like she did If I want to keep all of the border print.


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